A collection of my UX work over the past few years

Hello and welcome to my UX portfolio. My name is Ryan Tipton and I am a creative and passionate User Experience Designer. The items you will find on this website are just a sampling of the work I've been doing over the past few years. Like what you see? Please contact me if you would like to talk about possible work opportunities or want to see additional portfolio pieces.

User Research Goals

Hotel User Research and Improved UX

Project Description: This project involves Marriott’s digital properties. In general the company knows that their products are lacking an outstanding user experience. My team of fellow UX students and I were tasked with improving the user experience of Marriott’s digital properties (www.mariott.com and mobile app). The project began with a Nano Usability Test to determine the state of the properties and…

Blueprint IA

Online Retail UI and IA

Project Description: This project consisted of designing a new online retail website that is a direct competitor of Home Depot and Lowe’s online retail stores. The project included a specific focus on the information architecture and user interface of the new website along with user research. I worked with a small team of fellow students to complete this project over several weeks. Optimal…

Big Picture Deliverable

Gesture Based Information Control

Design Concept: Sharing Information Between Devices Using In-Air Gesture Based Control. This project was about the coordination of information flows across different devices through spatial controls, working in a spatially aware context.  Design Problem As technology begins to support more advanced and robust gesture detection, more natural ways of interacting with technology are becoming possible.  One function of interaction my…

UXD Course UI wireframe

User Interface and Website Redesign

Project Description: The UXD program at Kent State University is dire need of their own website under the IAKM umbrella. One component of that new website will be a Course Progress Tracker. The tracker consisted of designing a digital application that would allow students to track their academic progress through a web interface. For too long students in the IAKM program have struggled…

Functioning Website

Non-Profit Website Redesign

Project Description: One of Ohio’s largest non-profit’s came to me to re-design their website that hadn’t been touched since 2007. Through this process I learned that non-profits of all shapes and sizes don’t have the resources or the time they need to do their job well. Yes they care for people in ways the rest of the business world does…